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Recent Podcasts

The key to success and sustainability: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 21)

In this episode (recorded in early August 2021) Alan and co-host Jason join guest Marcie Fisher to discuss her first year in the industry. Marcie shares her first deployment experience, as well as how she has been able to capitalize on all the things she has learn during this first year. For the brand new adjusters, and even some that have been around and are struggling, this episode is packed with good information relating to things many adjusters will encounter during their first few years in the field. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to hear what Marcie had to say.

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What it really means to be an Independent Adjuster: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 19)

In this episode, Alan and Co-host Jason Dyson discuss what it means to title yourself as an Independent Adjuster, what responsibility’s come with that title, and the message behind what’s expected of you to be a successful. This episode stems from many discussions with some of the industry’s leading field managers. For a new adjuster or someone considering getting involved, this could be the information that sets you apart.

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Crushing your first deployment: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 18)

In this episode Alan and Co-host Jason Dyson meet with a 1st year adjuster that certified and trained with  Alan at The Adjuster Guy school in the spring of 2020. Randon was deployed for the first time in his career to one of the most difficult storms to hit the U.S. in almost 15 years. Randon explains how he took the knowledge of the industry that was shared with him and used it to make himself successful on his first deployment and come out of the storm as a first call list adjuster. Listen in!

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How IA’s Make the First call list: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 17)

In this episode Alan and Co-Host Jason Dyson explain what it take to be a first call list adjuster. With both Alan and Jason  having management experience, they share all the details of what it takes for any adjuster new or seasoned to earn their stripes and be placed on the  first call adjuster list with at least one well known IA firm .  If the first call list is where you want to be in the industry, this episode is for you!

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Top 5 things all IAs should avoid: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 16)

In this episode, Alan and co-host Jason Dyson discuss and breakdown their top 5 things all independent adjusters should avoid doing on their first deployment.  During Alan and Jason’s combined 30 years of experience in the industry, they have seen lots of new adjusters fail on their first deployments. These top  5 things to avoid could have changed the outcome of those failed deployments. Listen in, this information could be just what you need!

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