If you’re struggling with growing your business, have specific questions, need industry advice, or need an expert to bounce ideas off of, meet with a Certified TAG Expert for one-on-one consulting.

1-Hour Insurance Adjusting Consulting with a Certified TAG Expert


Private, one-on-one consulting to help answer your questions and to guide you. This is designed to give you the tools, resources, and support to reach your goals. It includes:


The Adjuster Guy offers private consulting and coaching to those adjusters who need focused, one-on-one time with an industry leader. Consulting calls are done live over Zoom (or similar service) and can cover any topic you’d like.

The purpose of a private consulting call is to get expert advice from a Certified TAG Expert specifically tailored to your business. Topics can include:

  • Deciding if the insurance adjusting career is right for you
  • Helping identify problems with a struggling business
  • Assistance with issues you are facing while in the field
  • Money management
  • Networking and leadership coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase a consulting call?

You’ll immediately download a survey that you can fill out and send it to us.  The survey simply asks for details about your business (or your thoughts around insurance adjusting if you haven’t started), about you, and the questions you have that you’d like the Certified TAG Expert to answer for you.  If you don’t have specific questions but just want us to provide more general guidance, that’s perfectly fine.

After you complete the survey, which should take about 5 minutes, email it to us and suggest times when you’re available for the call. We don’t like keeping people waiting, so we’ll do our best to schedule the call quickly.

Who will I talk to?

We'll connect you with the next available Certified TAG Expert.

This small group of experts are a part of The Adjuster Guy and are experts in independent insurance adjusting. They have met our stringent requirements and their work is personally known and vetted by Alan Olson. 

What is a consulting call like?

A Certified TAG Expert will review your survey prior to the call so he or she is prepared for the discussion. We’ll start by asking any follow-up questions and then dive into your questions.

Many of our private consulting clients don’t have any specific problems they are dealing with but want an expert’s look at their business. This is perfectly fine.