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Get one-year access (12-months) to the TAG Private Community, giving you access to:

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One of the hardest parts of being an independent insurance adjuster is that you don’t have a team of coworkers, helping you navigate the job’s day-to-day to-do’s. To be successful you need to:

  • Learn how to not just do inspections, but also write good estimates
  • Network with the right people, getting new opportunities
  • Manage the ups and downs of managing your own business.
  • Develop a lasting strategy

Becoming licensed is just the starting point. In the low points of this business, you can feel frustrated, wondering if you have what it takes.

The good news? You don’t have to grow your independent insurance adjuster business alone.

The Adjuster Guy’s private community was created to be a place to find education, tips, tricks, help, and more. You get access to the industry’s top experts and other adjusters so you can have the tools, resources, and ongoing support to reach your goals.

This includes 1-year, or 12-months, access to the TAG Private Community. It will allow you to jump in and experience how valuable this resource is for you and your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the class cost?

The Adjuster Guy offers four options for licensing. You can choose in-person or online classes for our Licensing Basics or LicensingPlus.

We also offer Continuing Education classes, access to our exclusive TAG Private Community, or hourly consulting.

Do your classes work for someone outside the United States?

Insurance adjusting licensing in only available for US residents.

I have a full time job. Will this work for me?

Absolutely. Insurance adjusting is a great career choice and often works better for people that have a history of hard work, "soft" people skills, and work ethic. We have many people who are looking to start a new career.

The Adjuster Guy is different than any other adjuster licensing class because we can teach you what you need to know while giving you the tools, resources, and ongoing support to reach your goals.

Can I get my Continuing Education hours from The Adjuster Guy if I didn't get my license from you?

Yes. Any licensed adjuster in the state of Texas can get their required continuing education hours from us. See our complete Continuing Education section for what we currently offer.

How much will I interact with Alan?

In-person classes are taught by Alan and allow you time to learn and ask questions.

Our LicensingPlus classes, both online and in-person, give you access to the TAG Private Community. Alan is active here and enjoys interacting with The Adjuster Guy alumni.

However, the TAG Private Community is note an individual mentorship. Many answers you get in the community will be from other members who have been through what you’re asking about and will share their knowledge. This networking is a HUGE value in the community as it allows you to connect with other adjusters.

Is there a guarantee of success?

Creating a business requires hard work, time, and skill. We give you the tools, resources, and ongoing support but success is not guaranteed.

We do our best to provide you with the best direction and strongly recommend our LicensingPlus class, which offers our 90-Day Build an Adjuster Framework. This is our "secret sauce" on how to reach your goals.

Are there already too many insurance adjusters?

Not at all. It's common during storm season for there to be too much work for all the insurance adjusters to handle.