What should I have in my CAT kit?

The act of being prepared is essential to every adjuster and their ability to make money. Being a weather-based career, adjusters never know when they will be deployed. Thus, in a sense, adjusters should have already been packed and ready to go yesterday. In this industry, today is already too late. So, what do you need in order to be prepared? You need a CAT kit.

Top 5 things all IAs should avoid: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 16)

In this episode, Alan and co-host Jason Dyson discuss and breakdown their top 5 things all independent adjusters should avoid doing on their first deployment.  During Alan and Jason’s combined 30 years of experience in the industry, they have seen lots of new adjusters fail on their first deployments. These top  5 things to avoid could have changed the outcome of those failed deployments. Listen in, this information could be just what you need!

Is adjusting fit for a family?: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 15)

In this episode, Alan’s guest is his real life better half, Becky Olson. Together they share how they were able to be successful in this industry all while traveling and working with their five kids on the road. They also discuss the importance of your spouse knowing and understanding the daily life of being on deployment. Can this career work for a family? Listen to find out.

Daily claims or CAT adjuster: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 12)

In this episode, Alan answers another common question asked by newcomers to the industry. Have you ever wondered which is the better route to take? Alan explains some of the key differences in being a daily claims adjuster versus being a CAT adjuster. This could be the information you have been needing to better your career.

Claiming your position with the adjusting firms: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 11)

In this episode, Alan speaks of how to gain the upper hand and position yourself at the highest level with the firms when it comes to deployments. Alan reflects on what he did to prove his worth and place himself on the first call list with the many firms he works for. This is an episode for adjusters of all experience levels.  Another great podcast you don’t want to miss.

Which Path do I Take—Staff Adjuster or IA?: Adjustments in Life Podcast (E 8)

In this episode, Alan chats with long time friend Jim Steele, who has spent his career working on the staff adjuster side of claims in addition to working directly with the IA’s. They discuss the industry and differences between working as an IA and a Staff.  Jim has spent many years in the industry handling many roles within one of the nations largest insurance providers. If you have been curious or thought you may want to work as a staff adjuster, this is an episode you won’t want to miss!