News, insights, and updates from the independent insurance adjuster field.

What should I have in my CAT kit?

The act of being prepared is essential to every adjuster and their ability to make money. Being a weather-based career, adjusters never know when they will be deployed. Thus, in a sense, adjusters should have already been packed and ready to go yesterday. In this industry, today is already too late. So, what do you need in order to be prepared? You need a CAT kit.

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Ways Independent Adjusters are paid

An independent adjuster has three options of payments: fee schedule, day-rate or hourly-rate. No matter which way you are paid, you will make money. You should try each different way to be paid to find which way you prefer.

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Documentation—what is it and why is it important?

“Documentation,” as defined by Alan Olson, the founder of the Adjuster Guy, “is the backbone of everything we do in the insurance industry when it comes to handling a claim. Documentation reports—from receiving the claim all the way to the approval of the claim to the payment being issued—everything, every step along the way…the main purpose of the documentation is to provide the insurance carrier with an accurate assessment of damages occured during a loss so that they can properly apply coverage for coverages available, but not apply coverages on specific items that may be excluded from the policy.”

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3 ways Adjuster’s can prepare for the Winter Storm Season

There are 3 simple things to consider prior to deploying for a winter storm that will make things much easier to handle once you get there. These tools include tools, clothes, and your vehicle. By thinking about and preparing these simple things before your deployment to a winter storm, you will not go into the deployment blind and unprepared.

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Life as the Daughter of an Insurance Adjuster

Most people don’t know what an insurance adjuster is until they need one. An insurance adjuster is the person who inspects damaged property and reports their findings to the insurance carrier. While others pray for storms to turn or dissolve, my family prays for them to hit hard.

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Top 5 Damages You Will Find After a Category 4 Hurricane

There are some commonly found damages you will come across while working a category four hurricane. These damages include heavy roofing and siding damage, heavy structural damage, fencing damage, interior water damage, and personal property damage. Here are the top five damages you can find during a category five hurricane and that of which they consist.

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